Graduate Programs Medical School

Washington University School of Medicine offers a variety of graduate programs. All applicants should contact their program’s admission office for any merit-based aid that is offered. All other aid provided will be from the Federal loans which can be obtained by our office with a completed Federal application.

It’s important to begin your application process with the completion of your FAFSA using school code G24620. If eligible, we highly recommend using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on FAFSA.  You may avoid having to submit further verification information.   To use the Retrieval Tool, wait 3 weeks after e-filing your Federal tax return or 8 weeks after filling by mail. Follow-up with your program and our office for subsequent steps.

Your FAFSA record will be sent directly to our office when you use our school code.   We will process your file once you are accepted into the program and your complete admissions information has been provided to our office.  You must be enrolled in half time status or greater in order to borrow Federal Direct loans.  For graduate programs half time enrollment is 4.5 hours or greater for Fall & Spring, 3 hours for Summer.

Contact Masters in Population Health – MPHS

Contact Master of Science in Applied Health Behavior – AHBR

Contact Masters in Clinical Investigation – MSCI

Contact Masters in Biomedical Informatics – MSBMI