Our office is dedicated to providing personalized assistance that serves the unique financial needs of each School of Medicine student.

  • Estimating your cost of education

  • Applying
    for aid

  • Receiving and managing your aid

  • Repaying
    your loans


A Guide to Your Financial Aid

Although student financial aid needs vary, understanding the basics of financial aid can put your mind at ease and leave you free to concentrate on your education. This helpful guide introduces you to the four major phases of financial aid.

Review tuition charges and cost of attendance budgets specifically for your program, and access tools to help determine your individual cost and available sources of aid. When comparing Washington University School of Medicine to other schools, please note that our programs offer stabilized tuition that includes health insurance and has no additional fees.

Financial aid is subjective to the type of aid you wish to apply for and based on your specific academic program. To begin the process for any need-based Federal or university financial aid, you must apply with the Department of Education and submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. If you're accepted to the University, you will then gain access to Netpartner, the student financial aid portal.

Accessing Net Partner, the student financial aid portal, will allow you to view, accept and decline aid, access individual required documents and complete certain online applications throughout the aid process. WebSTAC allows current student's access to their University billing account charges and online bill payment. Your final step to Federal borrowing is completing your master promissory notes online.

View information regarding various loan repayment and forgiveness options for Federal loans. Access specific repayment information on institutional loans, Federal loans, and debt management tools before you leave the University.

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Stretch your entertainment budget by visiting the St. Louis Zoo, the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Science Center all for free!

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