Loan Repayment / Debt Management

Graduation Requirements for Federal and University Loans

All students who borrow from either the Federal Department of Education and/or Institutional loans offered from Washington University are required to complete a Federal Loan Exit Counseling session.


Loan exit counseling will involve both an online tool and in-person meeting scheduled by our office and conjunction with your program.   Although attendance is mandatory and part of your graduation check-out, this information is where you will receive the most up-to-date figures for your personal loan portfolio, repayment options, and possible loan forgiveness’s available.

Federal Loan Repayment Resources

Department of Education Loan Repayment DOE federal site is the absolute source for all information on Federal student loans.
NSLDS National Student Loan Data System NSLDS is a Federal student resource for all Federal loan and grant information.
AAMC  Medloan Organizer and Calculator AAMC is a nonprofit organization that provides a multitude of resources to Medical (MD) students.
Annual Credit Report Provides each person with a free yearly credit report from all 3 credit agencies.
ASA  American Student Assistance ASA is a nonprofit organization that provides a multitude of resources for students.

Washington University Student Loans

For loan servicing and payment information contact your loan servicer UAS at 1-844-870-8701 or

School Contact – Ericka Walker at Washington University 314-935-5712 or toll free at 1-800-488-3738

Department of Education Resources for Federal Loans

Avoiding Default on Federal Loans

Federal Loan Servicers

Federal Repayment Plans

Federal Loan Consolidation

National Health Service Corps

Scholarship & Loan Repayment Opportunities for Primary Care

Scholarship Opportunities for Primary Care

Loan Repayment for Primary Care

4th Yr Loan Repayment for Primary Care