Graduate Medical School Programs

AHBR- MPHS- MSCI- MSBMI- MSIBS- MSMP- MSGC Scholarships / Tuition Remission

Welcome to the graduate programs at Washington University, school of Medicine.

All scholarship and/or tuition remission is determined and awarded by the specific program of study you are in. Each department will notify our office of your scholarship(s) and we will add the information to your financial award data on the student portal Netpartner.  All actual funds are awarded and applied to your student account (WebSTAC) by your program directly.  Financial Aid must be notified of any awards prior to any federal loan disbursement.

Once all departmental scholarship aid is maximized, Federal loan support is available to those who apply through, annually.

For graduate programs half time enrollment is 4.5 hours or greater for each Fall & Spring semesters, and 3 hours for Summer.  If you have taken federal loan aid in prior semesters and fail to enroll to a half time status of greater, your loans will go into a grace period and/or repayment based on your individual loan account.  You must contact your loan servicer to verify your 6 month grace period usage.

Should a graduate student decide to withdraw from any enrolled credit hours, there may be a calculation performed to verify how much of your Federal aid was earned during the semester.  This calculation may result in the return of TIV funds.  Please consult your academic advisor and the financial aid office before your withdraw from any credit hours.

Financial Information By Department

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