Helpful Hints & Financial Resources for Students

Our top five tips for financial aid at Washington University School of Medicine:

  1. Check the student portal Net Partner under the “My Documents” screen frequently during the application process for any missing items or updates.
  2. Identify yourself by name and program when coming into the office and/or responding to any communications from the office.
  3. If responding to a communication from the Financial Aid Office in person, always remember who sent you the communication and a description of what was in the communication. During our peak time, an individual in our office may send over 50 individualized emails out to students.
  4. When signing documents, always remember to also print your name somewhere on the form, just in case we cannot read your signature.
  5. Documents should ideally be submitted at one time. This helps to avoid additional processing delays when we must match up multiple items received. Your file will not be reviewed until the final document is submitted.

Who Should I Contact for Specific Questions or Where Should I Look?

Questions about actual tuition charges and/or discrepancies with your tuition rate

Contact your program first (MD, OT, PT, PACS, MSCI, MSIBS, MSBMI, MSMP, MPHS, MAHBR, MGC  etc).  Tuition charges start with you program level on to Student Accounting Office.

Billing questions, concerns with your student account billing statement

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 314-362-6860 and/or view your account in real-time status under WebSTAC Billing records/Account Inquiry.

Questions about a refund check or deposit

View your WebSTAC Billing records/Account Inquiry and/or contact the Office of the Registrar at 314-362-6860.

I see an electronic refund processed on WebSTAC. When will I receive the money?

View your WebSTAC Billing records/Account Inquiry; ESTIMATE 1-2 business days from the date posted on WebSTAC.

Questions regarding a 1098T

These tax documents are produced by student accounting within Washington University.  Students can obtain a copy of this document by visiting WebSTAC (selecting Billing and Bear Bucks then View/pay my bill) or if you have questions call 314-362-6860.

Questions regarding direct deposit of student refunds

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 314-362-6860 and/or login to WebSTAC under “View/Pay My Bill” then select “Refund Disbursement”.

Questions regarding making a payment to your student account via mail or online

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 314-362-6860 and/or view your WebSTAC under “View/Pay My Bill” for electronic payment.