Current Students

How Current Students Apply for Need-Based Financial Aid 

If you are a current student who has applied for and received a Washington University need-based scholarship(s) in a prior year(s), you do not need to reapply for those award(s).  In 2019, the financial aid policy changed for all Medical Students. Reapplication for need-based scholarships and Washington university need-loans are no longer yearly requirements.  Your need based award(s) will be automatically renewed each year.  However, our office will reach out to you regarding your intent to apply for Federal loan aid at the beginning of each aid year.

**If you wish to borrow a federal Direct Unsub or Graduate PLUS loan you will be required to file a FAFSA form with your information only (no parent info required for loans).   


How to Apply for Non Need-Based Financial Aid (Federal Loans)

Current students electing to apply for Federal loans provided they are U.S. citizens or permanent residents must complete the following Steps.  *Parent information is not required for current students, it is only required for your first need-based application.

Step 1: Go online to and complete the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Washington University has 2 branch locations. You MUST SELECT the  School of Medicine – G24620. If you are completing a renewal FAFSA, you may request your PIN at

Step 2: Make sure that your application is complete by viewing your Net Partner student portal under the “Documents” drop-down menu.  

Step 4: Continue to monitor the ‘My Documents’ screen in Netpartner as this will be updated throughout the application process with any new forms that may be required.

Items are reviewed and marked as received daily, however during peak times may take a 3-7 business days to add and update online. Please note any status such as incomplete or not received and follow-up with the office if needed.