New and Current Students

As a newly accepted or current student, individual application items are available on the student financial aid portal, Netpartner.  Newly accepted students will receive email communication from the Office of Student Financial Aid regarding Net Partner access after acceptance beginning in January.  

It is important to begin the application process by completing the 2021-2022 Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online, which becomes available October 1. The FAFSA is a Department of Education form required for all universities to determine a student’s eligibility for Federal aid.  Parental tax information is NOT required nor is it used for the calculation of your Federal loan offers. If you are completing a renewal FAFSA and lost your pin, please visit  If eligible, we highly recommend using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on FAFSA.  You may avoid having to submit further verification information.

Step One: Login to  (use your SSN as student ID. Select new user OR simply login using a previously established PIN).

Step Two: Select “My Documents” screen for a personalized list of all required items. NOTE: Some items may change based on selections of aid you accept and/or decline. Check this screen often for updates.

As all of your required documents are submitted and reviewed, our office will create a financial aid award package. You will be notified via email to view/accept/decline your aid on the student portal Net Partner under the ‘View/Accept/Decline’ screen.

Please note: additional forms and/or loan promissory notes may be necessary depending on the aid a student chooses to accept. Those forms will populate as “Not Received” under the “My Documents” screen on Net Partner. If you decline aid, those items will be waived, but will not always be automatic. It is advised to check for updates frequently during the initial processing time frame, and prior to the start of the term.